Brückenbauer Chemnitz e. V.

Christliche Flüchtlingsarbeit in Chemnitz


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„Chemnitzer Brücke“ (Chemnitz Bridge) is a Christian refugee work. It is based on the „Brückenbauer Chemnitz e.V.“ association.
Sissi Beyerlein, who – together with her husband Michael – founded „The Bridge“ in 2013, and a team of voluntaries from various church communities are the contact persons for the refugees coming to the meeting place „Brücke“ in the Frankenberg street, 75 everyday.
The place opens monday to thursday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Bridge bricks

The „Brückenbauer Chemnitz“ (Chemnitz Bridge Builders) see in every human being a creature which is both made and loved by God. We therefore seek to build bridges between refugees, migrants and natives and help to remove barriers and prejudices.

What do we do?

  • Helping to learn our language. We offer opportunities in practising together.
  • Building up relationships between refugees, migrants and natives. So refugees and migrants can be integrated more quickly because together with friends they experience our culture.
  • Building bridges to church congregations and other Christian organisations in town
  • Offering hospitality and removing prejudices
  • Pastoral care
  • Literature in various languages
  • Locals and refugees are invited to participate in the work by also bringing in their own ideas

Bridge maintenance

How the bridge is financed? Almost exclusively by collections organised in church congregations as well as through donations made by private citizens. Even the entire Bridge facility was donated. We furthermore ask for prayers, donations and voluntary workers.

Who are the bridge builders?

The association consists of about 10 people from various church communities. Pastor Albrecht Weißbach from the Methodist church is the chairperson. Vice-chairman is Frank Schönfeld who belongs to the Moravian church (an Evangelical congregational chapel). Sonja Hoffmann from the Baptist church is the cashier. Other co-workers come from the Saxonia Evangelical-Lutheran church and other churches.